Stainless Steel Siding

Stainless Steel Siding

Your business' maintenance becomes easier with Bolduc Solution. Your store will shine with Bolduc stainless steel siding. They will protect your building from damage and make your store look sharp.

  • Type 304 or 316 stainless steel construction (High resistance to abrasives)
  • Offered in 16 and 18 caliber
  • # 4 brushed finish
  • Laser cutting for neat cut and fine shapes
  • Easy installation
  • Height : 4’ and 6’

Stainless steel door frame

Bolduc Solution builds stainless steel protectors for your wall corners and your columns. Stainless steel protectors reduce maintenance cost and give an urban look to your store. They make your store shine!

  • Stainless steel corners available in 2” or 3”
  • Standard height: 48”

Other stainless steel corner protectors available

Other stainless steel corner protectors available in 12” -16” and 24”

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