Loss Prevention For Big Box Retail

Bolduc Solution developed, in partnership with its customers, a security gate system to counter thefts in retail stores. With the installation of our security gate, customers confirm a decrease of 80% to 90% of thefts.

Retail Store deigns have had many iteration over the years. Big box retailer having grand open and inviting entrances with a lack of supervision have experienced a phenomenon called “push out thefts” recently and are turning to technology to control the customer direction of flow. Bolduc Solution gates have filled this gap.

In a recent study is was determined that on average, a customer walking out with a shopping cart of unpaid merchandise accounts for over USD$900 per incident. More concerning is the findings that over 24% of cases upon confrontation lead to some form of violence.

To avoid the incident, thereby preventing the loss, and maintaining a level of safety for employees, restricting the grand entrance test yet maintaining the aesthetics of the large entrance, Bolduc’s stainless steel gate systems do the trick. The one way system allows customers to enter via a motion activated security gate. Upon exit, a customer is directly via posts and rails to a supervised area of the store, typically a point of sale.

This is Big Box with Big Control


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