Restricted Access Control

Bolduc Solution developed, in partnership with its customers, a security gate system to counter thefts in retail stores. With the installation of our security gate, customers confirm a decrease of 80% to 90% of thefts.

Retailers value their customer’s visits. They are private organizations extending an open invitation to the public to visit their stores for the purpose of shopping. However, retailer still reserve the right to limit access to areas intended for public access. Bolduc Gates have been used to clearly separate these areas to allow for only authorized personnel to visit restricted areas.

Stockroom theft by dishonest customers has generally resulted in a far greater loss than sales floor theft. This is due primarily to the freedom a customer has to look for the highest value products without the attention of employees or other customer, and the time they can take to pursue good should they be successful in finding the access door. This is usually not that difficult as most retail stores simply post signage stating “Employee Only Beyond This Point”.

Signage does not always work, and secured access may be the best level of protection. Bolduc Gates can be integrated with key fob type devices to ensure that only those authorized can access the back of house. If an intruder circumvents the system, a number of custom designed warning systems are available to our clients ranging from an audio and visual alarm, to connectivity with an existing CCTV system.

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